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ELA Comeback Campus

The State Department honored Valverda for improving students' reading scores to averages higher than before covid!

Earned Credentials

High School Students on our JumpStart Pathway earned 96 Industry Based Credentials this year, giving them a jump start to a great career after High School!

STEM Pathways

University Bound students can start their college experience with one of our three pathways: Pre-Engineering, Digital Design and Emergent Technology, or Biomedical Science

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Why Pointe Coupee?


I choose Pointe Coupee because I strongly believe in investing in our youth so that they can develop and become great contributors to the community (locally and beyond). Each person can shine and I desire to see that light shine brightly from our youth!

- Anthony Turner, (Livonia)Teacher


Pointe Coupee Parish Schools is my happy place! I love working at "home" because of the family atmosphere and dynamic I have with my school team, students, and parents.

- Brandy Boudreaux, (Valverda) Teacher


I work in Pointe Coupee as a teacher because learning requires a teacher's love. I love my community and want to help shape it's future. Learning +Love=Excellence!

- Valerie Porche, (Rougon)Teacher


I choose to work in Pointe Coupee because of the community! Pointe Coupee Schools have a family type atmosphere that you just don't see in all schools.

- Aiman Bayoumi (STEM), Pointe Coupee Principal of the Year