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Rougon's Mardi Gras Science Fair

Special Education teachers, Miss Josita and Ms. Sharon, held a Mardi Gras Science Fair for their students.  The judging panel consisted of Ms. Patricia Polar, Deacon Tom Robinson, Mr. George Lemarche, Mr. Cleotha Johnigan, and members of the New Roads Kiwanis Club.

The classroom was decorated in a Mardi Gras theme, and Allie, the class speaker, greeted the judges and guests as they arrived with Mardi Gras beads. Special guests included Mr. Hilliard Caldwell (class volunteer), Mrs. Patrice Robinson, Ms. Marcie Cazayoux (principal), and Jacob Bajoie (student mentor).

Students presented projects in the following five different areas of science:

· Physical Science (Electric Gummy Worms) by JaDeris

· Technology Science (Electronic Communication) by Tylen and (Adapted Switches) by Cassidy

· Space Science (Anti-Gravity Galaxy In a Bottle) by Desmond

· Life Science (Turning Milk Into Plastic) by Devin

· Earth Science (The Effect of Winds During a Hurricane) by Gracie