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Vocational Education Department Uses Lessons for Real World Preparation

Vocational Education Department Uses Lessons for Real World Preparation

Students enrolled in Agriculture and Welding Classes at Livonia High School are receiving career-ready training to prepare them for employment after high school.  The planning, budgeting, fabricating, and implementation of sketches and plans not only encompasses the objectives set forth by instructors Clayton Chenevert and Randy Jarreau, but it sets the foundation for skills that are vital to success in life after high school.

The Agriculture Department recently erected their spring greenhouse.  Teams of students designed the layout, worked within a predetermined budget and constructed the shelter.  Other students collaborating on this project were responsible for preparing the garden area for planting within the next few weeks.

The Welding Department has also been working on spring projects.  The students sketched and came up with a plan of action for constructing a barbecue pit and a legged/standing wok.   After following the building specs, the teams were able to successfully fabricate the two new designs of cookware.  After being evaluated on their finished product, the young men put the products to the test and cooked on the pit and wok.  Each design team was ecstatic to not only see their hard work but to reap the benefits of a completed job!

These two electives are just a sample of those under the Jumpstart umbrella at Livonia High School.  Jump Start, which is Louisiana’s innovative career and technical education (CTE) program, prepares students to lead productive adult lives, capable of continuing their education after high school while earning certifications in high-wage, high-demand career sectors. Students are required to attain an industry based certification as part of the program.

The administration commends students who are taking advantage of the multitude of electives being offered and applaud their efforts which will truly be observable in their lives after high school.

Livonia High is committed to providing a safe learning environment where students achieve academic success and become productive contributors of a diverse community.