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SMA Hosts an Ag Day Friday: Show Me the Math!

As part of their math enrichment, sixth graders at STEM Magnet Academy participated in Ag Day Friday activities. The students have been looking for ways that math is included in agriculture. Math concepts that have been practiced during the enrichment classes include ratios, unit rate, fractions, coordinates, multiplication, and division. On Friday, December 15th, students welcomed Mrs. Fawn Courville from Pointe Coupee Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom, to present information on one aspect of aquaculture. Mrs. Fawn began her presentation by giving the students general information about alligators such as their location and habitats, size and growth rates, and food habits. Students then learned about alligator egg collection and hatcheries. They were informed about the benefits of collecting the eggs and bringing them to the hatcheries both to the survival of the alligator and the wetlands. Information about “egg ranching” included information on small planes called Ultra Lites, GPS coordinates, and the procedure for taking eggs from the nest. Mrs. Fawn explained to the students how each and every part of the alligator is used by consumers and the economic impact that alligators have had on our state. She explained the tanning process and showed pictures at different stages. The students were able to feel the difference between three hides. Sixth graders will use the information given to them about nest per acre, size and age of the animal, coordinates, eggs collected, percentage of animals released back into the wild, and cost of processing to create word problems.