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5th Grader at Rougon Designs School of the Future

Rougon’s 5th graders studied about technology during their science unit and were taught how technology makes human lives easier. The students were assigned a project to draw a redesigned Rougon Elementary School.  The new design was to be drawn to include technological changes.  Tyrin Allen went the extra mile and created a 3-D project of the redesigned school.  To make life easier for students and teachers, Tyrin replaced the stairs with an elevator. This enhancement would help his disabled friends that are in wheelchairs have access to the upstairs library. Tyrin also added solar panels to reduce energy expenses. To help students keep cool on hot days, he included a misting station; this water would be recycled for drinking. Sensor doors that are designed to automatically lock during a lockdown were included.  He also thought about adding solar rocks to provide illumination around the campus for those leaving the campus late and designed a charging station for school buses and cars of the future. Tyrin wants to be an engineer when he grows up. Way to go Tyrin! Rougon is proud of you!

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