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UPCE Hosts First "Tech Talk Night"

UPCE’s Family Engagement Committee hosted the school’s first ever “Tech Talk Night” on October 10, 2017.  Chairperson Yolanda Jones and Co-Chairperson Sheila Draper planned the event to inform parents about how to build digital responsibility with their students inside and outside of the classroom.  Parents learned about how UPCE is using technology to engage all students so that they can be college and career ready.  Accounts for the Student Progress Center were created by parents, and they learned how to use it to monitor grades.  Door prizes of useful technology gadgets, including tablets and phone chargers, were given away to parents in attendance.

On behalf of the Administration, thank you to all of the parents who came out and made this event a success and a BIG thank you to Ms. Jones and Ms. Draper for creating and hosting the event.