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First Grade is On Fire at Rosenwald

Ms. Jill Smith’s first graders will have five Kindle Fire tablets, complete with protective cases, for use during small group instructional time. This is being made possible because of the generosity of donors choosing to fund Ms. Smith’s project of optimizing small group learning. In Ms. Smith's own words, "In my classroom this year, I want to optimize small group learning. This is where I will be working with a small group of students (5-7 at a time) to focus on skills they need while other students are working on individual learning tasks. At one of the stations, I would like for my students to be able to use learning applications on a Kindle to keep them engaged and get accustomed to using technology. I plan to share and rotate them throughout the day with my amazing fellow first grade teaching team. Last year, I saw the most growth with small group instruction. The students were focused, and I could teach them skills they did not know and challenge students who already knew the skills. I would love to give students at my school Kindles to use. If you are able to help out in any way, I would be so appreciative. Our students deserve the best resources possible to learn, and if you could be a part of this, I would be forever grateful."  Congratulations, Ms. Smith!