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SMA Students Connect with Romeo and Juliet

As a culminating project, Ms. Worley’s English I students were given a choice from more than twelve different projects to showcase their learning and understanding of the meanings in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet.  Among the projects created were: costume books, original soundtracks, scene-illustrated quilts, original written songs and music videos, individual monologue performances, comic books, memory books, argumentative essays, student-generated websites, video games, 3D models, and Montague/Capulet shields.  In addition to the products created, students were required to research the historical significance of the play and its connection to modern day issues.  Students created presentations using various technological tools and participated in gallery walks of peer projects to evaluate all works.  The extraordinary effort of SMA students on these projects far surpassed the expectations set for them.  Through the in-depth study of this piece of literature, students have gained a new understanding and love for one of the most classic pieces of literature!

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