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Livonia Students Earn CPR Certification

Livonia Students Earn CPR Certification

Imagine being in a public setting and someone goes into cardiac arrest, but there are no medical personnel or staff in the vicinity and your cell phone battery is dead.   Now imagine hearing a group of teens playing basketball next to the area.   Chances are, if some of the teens attend one of East Baton Rouge Parish’s public high schools or Livonia High School, a Physical Education student could come to the aid of the victim.  CPR courses have been taught to a registered group of students at Livonia High and other schools throughout the Baton Rouge area.  The LHS students were trained through the Physical Education Department in coordination with a grant from the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board.  The class was taught over 10 sessions during health education classes by Coach Allen, Coach Lewis and Coach Wooley.  The district provided over $6,000 in equipment for the course to ensure that students would have the most modern and realistic manikins during the sessions.   The training covered CPR on adults as well as infants, the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and choking assistance for an adult, child and infant.  

Heart Saver courses are designed for people with little or no medical training who want to complete the course for a job or for personal growth.  These courses can also be taken by anyone wanting to be prepared for an emergency in any setting.  A bystander who administers CPR to a sudden cardiac arrest victim can help triple the victim’s chances of survival.  Many reports indicate that four out of five cardiac arrests happen at home; therefore, there is a good chance a rescuer will be helping their own loved one.    

Bailee Griffith, a sophomore who enrolled in the class, said, “It was very educational to learn how to help others that may be in need.  This class was intense, but so very worthwhile.  I can actually save a life!”   Coach Wooley was very pleased with the rapid progress of the students; she noticed that students picked up on the skill quickly and were very confident while performing CPR.  Wooley credits the fact that the relevance of the lesson, and the hands on manner in which the instruction was delivered, made a world of difference in how the students reacted to the training.  “We have all witnessed someone having chest pains or know family members that have encountered cardiac issues.   Our students felt inclined to work through this training knowing that this skill could be used on any given date and in any given location.  This is more than just a lesson, it is a life skill.  We could not be more proud of the students that took advantage of this incredible opportunity.”

Schools are excellent places to offer CPR training, whether it is for graduation requirements, to help students with after school or summer job requirements, or simply to improve cardiac survival rates in their community.  When you teach kids CPR, you are strengthening community safety and giving students skills they can carry into the future.  

Livonia High is committed to providing a safe learning environment where students achieve academic success and become productive contributors of a diverse community.