Corporal punishment is defined as punishing a student by striking him/her on the buttocks with a standardized paddle.  The Pointe Coupee Parish School Board shall allow reasonable corporal punishment of unruly students provided that it is administered in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Corporal punishment shall be administered only by the principal or assistant principal in the presence of another adult school employee.

  2. At no time shall corporal punishment be administered in the visual presence of another student.

  3. In cases where a student protests innocence of the offense or ignorance of the rule, a brief but adequate opportunity shall be provided for the student to explain his/her side of the situation before a decision is made to administer corporal punishment.

  4. Except for those acts of misconduct which are extremely anti-social or disruptive in nature (e.g., fighting), corporal punishment should never be used as a first line of punishment.  In most cases, its use should follow specific failures of other corrective measures to effect student behavior modification.

  5. Corporal punishment may be administered to a student in lieu of giving him/her a short term suspension for insubordination, disruption of classes, disobedience, skipping class, smoking or using tobacco products, fighting, disregard of the rights of others, breach of school bus rules, destroying public property, disrupting the lunchroom, obscene language, excessive tardiness to class, or other acts deemed by the principal to be sufficiently severe to warrant corporal punishment. Students should be informed beforehand through district or school handbooks, letters to parents, assemblies, or otherwise of the types of offenses that could lead to the administration of corporal punishment.

  6. The use of corporal punishment shall at all times be reasonable and appropriate.  Considerations in this regard shall include but not be limited to the following:

    1. Age of child;

    2. Size of child;

    3. Sex of child;

    4. Ability of child to bear the punishment; and

    5. Physical, mental, and emotional condition of the child.

  7. Corporal punishment shall not be used when disciplining Headstart or Pre-Kindergarten students, students referred to Protective Services, students in foster care, or students with severe physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.

  8. Corporal punishment shall consist of a maximum of three (3) licks for students in grades K-6 and five (5) licks for students in grades 7-12, and only a standardized paddle furnished to the schools by the Central Office shall be used to administer such punishment.

  9. A record of each incident of administration of corporal punishment shall be kept by the school which shall include the name of the student and the date, time, details of the violation, form of discipline administered, name of person administering such discipline, and name of witness thereto.  The principal or assistant principal shall notify the parent of the administration of corporal punishment to his/her child and the reasons therefor, and, upon request by the parent, a copy of the record of such incident of corporal punishment shall be provided to him/her.

  10. At the beginning of each school year, school personnel and parents shall be informed of the policy and guidelines of the School Board relative to administration of corporal punishment to students.  Such policy and guidelines shall also become a part of the district handbooks which are distributed to parents and students.


Nothing contained herein shall be interpreted as prohibiting an employee from using physical force, reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances, in defending himself/herself against the physical attack by a student or to restrain a student from attacking another student or employee, or to prevent acts of misconduct which are so anti-social or disruptive in nature as to shock the conscience.




Corporal punishment administered other than as outlined hereinabove shall be deemed and defined to be impermissible corporal punishment.  Any accusations involving employees using impermissible corporal punishment shall be promptly investigated.


Revised:  November 18, 2011



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Pointe Coupee Parish School Board