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It is the responsibility of every school bus driver to transport children to and from school on a daily basis.  This responsibility must be carried out by every bus driver in all circumstances including illness and bus breakdowns.  To ensure that this objective is attained, the Board has approved the following procedures and guidelines that all bus drivers must follow.


All school bus drivers shall complete all necessary requirements needed to have air brakes endorsement placed on their drivers' licenses.  Drivers shall also be required to be properly trained in the operation of school buses equipped with standard transmissions.


Illness of Bus Driver


(All options must be attempted until the problem is resolved, but not necessarily in the order listed below.)


Each driver shall:


  1. Arrange for a certified substitute bus driver to drive his/her school bus.

  2. Arrange for a substitute driver and/or bus through the Transportation Clerk following School Board procedures.

  3. Arrange for a high school coach, who is certified, to drive his/her school bus, providing this does not interfere with his/her coaching or teaching duties.


Breakdown of a School Bus


(All options must be attempted until the problem is resolved, but not necessarily in the order listed below.)


Each driver shall:


  1. Make provisions to use one of the School Board's public contract backup buses if license permits operation of buses with air brakes or book a public contract bus and driver.

  2. Appropriate staff personnel shall be called as follows:


  1. Supervisor of Transportation         (225) 638-8674 ext. 4682

  2. Transportation Clerk                       (225) 638-9902 ext. 103




  1. In all cases of absenteeism, the bus driver must inform the Supervisor of Transportation, Transportation Clerk, and the school principal or his/her designee.  The driver must also sign the required absentee/substitute forms located in the principal's office.

  2. The decision not to run bus routes does not rest with the bus driver.  This decision shall be rendered by the Supervisor of Transportation or his/her clerk as directed and the principal only after all of the above options and alternatives have been exhausted.

    In the event this decision is made, the driver must sign the required absentee forms that are found in the principal's office.  In addition, the appropriate operational allowances shall be deducted from the driver's payroll check.


Adopted:  February, 1994

Revised:  February 24, 2011



Ref:     Board minutes, 2-24-94, 2-24-11


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board